1-2-1 Nature connection sessions

“It’s a real skill to offer deep curiosity and genuine interest, balanced with light and playful energy, and Emily has this mastered. I felt so safe and held by her nurturing and compassionate approach, that offered rich dialogue and opportunity for further self enquiry. Emily has such a beautiful manner and way of being with the land you just can’t help but feel inspired after a session together “


“I joined Emily a couple of times for 121 nature connection sessions which were very nurturing. The first session helped me to unblock energy and achieve clarity at the end of the first Covid19 lockdown and the second session helped me to reconnect with earth which is pretty grounding in the middle of moving out of home. The result of the unblocking from the first session! I strongly recommend taking a tree break with her as often as you can. “


group sessions

“What am I taking away? I’m taking away a big smile on my face and have it on my face for the whole session. What a wonderful idea to host a wellbeing walk with time to walk, stand or sit in a place and the way it was led by Emily was brilliant.”


“What a fantastic day. So great for my mental health and our team’s bonding to reconnect. Your leadership was that was so full of knowledge and positive energy. Such a great experience!


“What an absolute treat last night was. I can’t tell you how good it felt to focus on my feminine centre and give it some TLC. You are so talented and a true leader. I felt held and supported. “


“That was divine. The movement was lush. Took me a little while to peel myself off the floor. Body had turned to lead after that relaxation! Thank you so much.”


“That was bliss. Feeling a lot less tight chested after all of your treats.”


“Loved this. It saved by brain from fuzz.”



“In the current world we live in, words and how they are used are perhaps more important than ever before. What ‘Talk Wordy To Me’ enabled me to do was discuss my thoughts and feelings in a safe but yet challenging environment with some VERY interesting people I just simply wouldn’t have come into contact with in my day to day life. After the session I felt relief, that actually there are more people than you think in the world that feel exactly the same way as you do”

Ian Reed-Downs, Radio Presenter

“Summing up my experience of the evening… from the off, it felt like a safe space where myself and others could share openly and honestly without an ounce of stigma or judgement… like a cosy front room (one with excellent cocktails) full of strangers with stories to tell whose welcoming faces made the experience just feel more like a roomful of friends you’ve not met yet. “

Jess Siggers, Photographer & Content Creator

“What a brilliant, safe and interesting thing you just created.”

Jess Fellows, Yoga Teacher & Adventurer

“I just wanted to let you know that since our interview I’ve been so motivated and sparkly! You have a real ability to pull the best out of people, and it’s absolutely wonderful – thank you!”

Holly Bantleman, Founder – Raise the Roof Charity

“Emily was a dream to work with. She has a charming ability to get a story told; making the interviewed guest feel at ease and eek-ing out top tips and valuable gems for the listener. I’d definitely recommend this all-round producer and presenter to anyone!”

Emma Jones MBE, Founder of Enterprise Nation

“Being a guest on Talk Wordy was one of my all-time favourite podcast experiences. We dove in to the word, frolicked around it and discovered some unexpected gems. They must have some secret sauce that brings out the best in their guests. Or maybe it’s the quality of their listeners. Either way, the magic is most definitely ON.”


Natalie Fee, Founder of City to Sea


“We worked with Emily on a series of bespoke lunchtime mindfulness sessions for our Instagram following. Emily created valuable moments of calm for our audience during a national lockdown which gave rigour, consistency and empathy to the Soulful brand. She is wonderful to work with, we couldn’t recommend her more!”