The Moon Collective

The Moon Collective is on a mission is to create an inclusive space for women to reconnect with themselves, each other and nature. Co-curated with Jess Fellows and Joey Scherr, the sessions are a delicious blend of nature based practices and intuitive movement supported by deep and nourishing rest, organised monthly around the full moon and infused with her themes.

We create a space that welcomes your wildness, your rawness, your joy and your sorrow; celebrating community, connection, and all of nature’s cycles and when we gather in person there will be an opportunity for personal reflection, to share organically with the group. To listen and be heard. Coming together as a collective; bringing all that you are. Growing stronger together.

For more details about these sessions please drop us an email on or find us on instagram @the_moon_collective.


Mornings with moon

Starting your day feeling a bit struggsville? Finding your flow first thing proving tricksome? All the options for setting yourself up for the day can feel plenty overwhelming, especially as we emerge from this bonkers hibernation xtra.

Let’s keep it simple. Mornings with Moon are an invitation to get your lush ol’ self outside, to really land in nature, yours and that around you, have a gentle wiggle, and offers a space to have a heartfelt share should you feel like it. Your practise to do as you feel. To connect, TOGETHER. No magic trickery or new fangled techniques. Simply making space to come together and tune in to what is already here. Starting your day from that place and with that flavour.

Following one full moon cycle, from new moon to full over four weeks, we’ll reconnect with the rhythms, the ebb & flow of it all, and gain more insight in to the magic and power of knowing our own internal monthly cycle a little more too. Welcoming it ALL with compassion & curiosity.

Please email me for more info on when the next cycle of these kicks off. 


women’s nature connection circle

A weekly space to reconnect with ourselves, each other and the more than human world that we’re walking through together. Shared live online via zoom with the invitation to be outside to share the practice which is where I choose to place myself, although that is absolutely not a necessity. Sharing themes of the season and the phase of the lunar cycle as we flow through it together week by week. This space offers an opportunity to share and to be heard, some gentle movement as well as room to bring ourselves in to stillness, listening to ourselves and the magic of the natural world.

These sessions tend to run in weekly blocks of sessions and I am currently running a version of this called ‘mornings with moon’ – more deets above. 


Mama’s Circle

An online space to recognise those that don’t get recognised anywhere near enough for what they do day in, day out. A space created to honour them and their epicness and remind Mama’s of who they are for themselves. A chance to reconnect. These monthly New Moon sessions aim to guide us through the seasonal transitions of the year. A space to gather together to share, be heard, be held and supported with some sprinklings of super gentle movement perhaps, as well as some real space to rest. Much more in the gentle nourishing end of things and absolutely suitable for people who have never had any yoga experience before.


Embrace The Dark

Embrace the Dark is a workshop co-curated with Rosa Lia, on the shortest, darkest day of the year, coming together in circle to honour the cycles of change both in nature and in ourselves. Welcoming in our wholeness: shadows and light, endings and beginnings, choosing what to let go of and what to carry forwards. Offering gentle movement, sharing, creative practices, and guided visualisation; an invitation to integrate the ups and downs of the year behind, mourning the losses and celebrating the learning. Sewing seeds and intentions in the fertility of the dark, to blossom in the year ahead. We invite you to revisit these intentions with us in a second workshop in Spring as we celebrate the light.


1-2-1 & Group Sessions

I am also able to offer bespoke 1-2-1 and smaller group sessions to reconnect you to yourself, each other and to the support and magic beauty and wildness of nature. There is also the opportunity to weave in feminine flavoured movement practises and or deep rest in to the mix should you wish.

Drawing on rich natural elements, each bespoke session will focus on your choice of sharing earth, tree or water. After your enquiry and a brief pre-session call to go over what you need and can expect from our time together, the main session itself is flexible, and can be shared together in person, via a phone call, or as a recording. I will also happily share a recording of the live practise if you want it. This is your time for us to shape for you. Please do get in touch for more details.