Yeah, all of it. Including that uncomfy, icky, gross, stay-in-the-shadows-I-don’t-want-to-see-you stuff too which so often sits snuggled in right alongside all that is our birthright too; our joy and our juicy deliciousness. To know one is to know the other it seems, don’t you think?

We’re so often told not to think or feel certain things and in my experience, both personally and collectively, that can really hurt. I have come to know that nature, both within and around us all, can be such a strong channel to embrace, welcome, support and integrate all that we feel and that we are. Our wildness, our rawness, our sensuality, our creativity, our grief, our joy. Coming in to relationship with the whole cycle, offering us an invitation to deepen our compassionate relationship with ourselves and trusting that we are deeply held to do so.

Personally, my ever evolving reciprocal relationship with the natural world continues to gift me this, welcoming me back home over and over again, to a more whole version of myself. A constant source of nourishment however I turn up and whatever I turn up with. The natural world and my connection to my place in it, has and continues to, support me in creating a life I love, with all the discomfort and wonder that brings. I feel so grateful to now be sharing spaces to support and create that with others.

This relationship has been hugely nurtured and nourished through my training with The Natural Academy, having completed my initial OCN accredited Facilitator training in Ecopsychology and Nature Based Practices with them in 2020. I am currently continuing my studies as an Ecotherapist with them on their Advance Pathway training. Alongside this training, I’m also working for Avon Wildlife Trust supporting their volunteering and project work for nature’s recovery.

I have always been fascinated with communication, pursuing a Drama degree at Bristol University followed by 20 years working in the broadcasting industry. Our shared human experience, alongside the uniqueness of each of us and how we communicate and not just in the content of what we say, but the words we use, the texture and tone of our voices, and what our bodies are communicating as part of that too. This increasing intrigue of the power of the body-mind has deepened both through my own personal yoga and movement practise and has also led me to further training with both the Bristol Shiatsu School and more recently Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, completing my  IYN accredited Women’s Wellness Yoga Teacher Training and the Total Nidra Online Immersion Course. All of these trainings also gifting me more of an insight in to the nature infused approach that these ancient practises are rooted in and infused with.

The value of feeling held by the deep current of community both in the human and more than human world is another core part of my offering. Alongside my work in third sector community engagement roles, creating events like Talk Wordy To Me or contributing my experience to facilitate events or projects that I am passionate about, inspires me hugely. Over and over again, reminding us of the power of coming together, listening and sharing each others stories. Being heard in all that we are. I sit in a number of women’s circles and never cease to be in awe of what support, community and connection can be offered by a group of humans who may not even know each other, when they come together and sit in a truth-full circle. Gently healing and strongly powerful all in one; a serious force. This has expanded through my training with the Natural Acadamy, sitting in circles with similar intentions with all genders, and I am currently developing spaces that offer the same, with a particular focus on exploring this ongoing healing of our collective masculine/feminine wound. The weaving of those flavours within us all however we choose to gender identify, as well as in relation to each other and currently so deeply reflected in our wider relationship with the natural world too. Again, wholeness in action in yet another form perhaps?

So yeah, nature and our wholeness, woven in through our connection, communication and community. Very much where it’s at for me. Deep gratitude and then some. I hope to share some of it with you in some shape or form and I really look forward to doing so!

Inspiration flavours

  • The whole cycle of the moon through it’s darkness and it’s light.
  • The dance of sun and moon, their relationship, constant flow and balance between the two.
  • The expansive space of wide landscapes, the spiraling milky way and the cosmos.
  • The magic of woods with their moist mossy tree trunks, supportive root nests and rustling leaves.
  • The unfurling ferns.
  • The sweet trickle of the stream and soulful song of birds.
  • The soft squidge and give of earth beneath feet.
  • The gentle stillness and deep mystery of the dark.
  • The ever shifting shapes of sea with it’s wildly crashing and gently lapping waves.
  • The warm golden glow of autumn sun.
  • The sweet smell of each season.
  • The solid, multi layered presence of rock.
  • The wholeness of dew drops on grass blades.
  • The diamond like sparkle of dew laden spiderwebs.
  • The ever dallying dance of our collective masculine and feminine flavours and their support of each other to come in to healing.

Human form wise, I’m also inspired by the work and research of Bill Plotkin and the Wild Mind Map of the Psyche, Richard Shwartz and the theory of Internal Family Systems, Peter Levine, Gabor Mate and Bessel van der Kolk alongside writing and reading poetry in particular that of Mary Oliver and John O’Donohue.

Training Summary

  • Ecopsychology and Nature Based Practise with The Natural Academy
    • OCN Accredited Advanced Pathway Eco-psychological Practioner
    • NatureWell Approach for Professionals in Nature & Health
    • OCN Accredited Foundation Year Facilitator
    • Introductory Threshold Course
  • DBS Checked
  • Outdoor Emergency First Aid
  • Mental Health First Aider
  • Total Yoga Nidra Online Immersion Foundation Course with Nirlipta & Uma Dinsmore-Tuli
  • Well Woman Yoga Therapy Teacher Training 40 Hour IYN Accredited with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli
  • Foundation Course at Bristol School of Shiatsu
  • Introduction to Aromatherapy at Bristol School of Holistic Therapies
  • 15 years of personal yoga and movement practice
  • 20 years experience of holding space as a Broadcaster