Choosing to place wholeness, nature and the wisdom of our collective feminine at the heart of who we are and what we do. One in the same thing perhaps? Reclaiming the bits that have been pushed in to the shadows and creating spaces to explore them together in all manner of different ways. I have come to deeply appreciate this way of looking at things; it fills my heart and it’s an honour and total delight to now be sharing some of this learning with you. 

With 15 years experience behind the mic, you can find out more about my commercial voiceover work here. Supported by my studies in Ecopsychology, Nature Based Practices and Woman’s Wellness, some of my more recent projects include the podcast and event series Talk Wordy To Me, a monthly full moon circle with The Moon Collective, a weekly Women’s Nature Connection Circle as well as one-on-one nature based practices through Take A Tree Break.

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