Emily has been making podcasts in some shape or form since 2012. Here are two of them that she’s working on at the moment.

Passion Pods,passionPods which Emily founded at the beginning of 2012, is a series of weekly podcasts that aim to inspire, support and encourage young people to realise the potential of their passions. Handpicked by Emily herself, these have ranged from Grammy-winning Musicians, to Charity Founders, to street food stall holders, to Milliners, Builders, Film Makers, Photographers and a Theatre Company.

Curious? Have a listen to episode #93 Aduna, an Africa inspired health and beauty brand at the same time as being a social business. Quite the combo!



sbsThe Small Business Sessions by Enterprise Nation is a weekly podcast that shares the stories behind Britain’s brilliant small companies. Enterprise Nation helps people turn their good ideas into great businesses through inspirational events, a supportive community, expert content and a campaigning voice.

Curious? Have a listen to episode 6 with Colin from The Podcast Host. Colin was an early adopter of the podcast medium, back when it was clunky and took up a lot of storage space. Today his whole business is built around offering advice to businesses seeking to build a sleek audio content marketing strategy to push their business into the stratosphere.