Enterprise Nation

StartUp Saturday & Festival of Female Entrepreneurs

For two years running, I’ve hosted the ‘Creative Stairway’ zone at Enterprise Nation’s Startup Saturday which welcomes over 1500 people annually. I presented a day’s programme of panel interviews and live audience discussions with topics that ranged from ‘How to stand out with your packaging’ to ‘How to start a Food Business’ to ‘How to sell without being Salesy’. I was also asked to host a live podcast interview and Q&A at their Festival of Female Entrepreneurs. Read their testimonial of my work with them by clicking here.


Whole Foods and Soil Association

Organic September

I hosted an Organic Kitchen Pop Up at Whole Food’s flagship High Street Kensington store as part of the Soil Association’s ‘Organic September’ campaign. A day full of interactive cooking demonstrations, I interviewed chefs, bloggers and top brands about their products and the dishes whilst they were making with them. Read their testimonial of my work with them by clicking here.


uncomfortable questions series

Working in collaboration with theatre producer Lydia Scott (The Old Vic Theatre, Mark Rubenstein), I am currently co-curating and will be hosting, a series of live talks and podcasts in Bristol that asks some of life’s more uncomfortable ‘big questions’.